Those Who Can’t

Those Who Can’t is a sitcom pilot that we had the immeasurable pleasure and luck to be allowed to make, along with our friends Andrew Orvedahl, Ben Roy and Adam Cayton-Holland (among MANY OTHERS). The show also features hilarious comedians Rory Scovel, Kyle Kinane and Nikki Glaser, plus worked with a plethora of Denver actors and crew. The pilot episode is now available for free to watch in its entirety exclusively on Amazon Instant Video, and its reviews and ratings, as well as responses to this survey, will help determine whether or not Amazon wants to pick it up to become a series. Please check it out, along with all the other pilots that Amazon optioned, at AmazonOriginals.com, then please take the time to let Amazon know how much you want to see Those Who Can’t picked up for more episodes. Thank you to everyone who supports!


Team Building

Please enjoy this short sketch we made with The Grawlix, along with a variety of hilarious and talented people from Denver and LA.


Episode X “When the Cats are Away”

Adam Cayton-Holland and Ben Roy have seen a lot of success lately. Adam just did Conan, Ben’s album is getting rave reviews, and they’re traveling and doing shows a lot. And you know what, good on ‘em. They deserve it. But it’s almost like they’ve been too busy for their old friends. So while they were out touring the world last month, we and Andrew Orvedahl decided to made this Grawlix episode without them. And we got a little help from two hilarious comics, Rory Scovel and Sean Patton. Adam and Ben had no idea, until we surprised them at their own show. What fun. Enjoy.


Episode 11 “Three Dummies and a Baby”

Don’t mistake our recent slowdown in blog posts as a sign that we’ve been taking it easy the last few months. We’ve just been hard at work on another project that has required us to put The Grawlix on the back burner for a few weeks. But we’re back! With very possibly the funniest episode yet. Take a big sigh of relief and click play.


Long time coming…

Boy we’ve been lucky to have done a lot of crazy fun work over the last few years. This most recent reel is just a small sampling. We’re told all directors are supposed to have one of these, the problem has always been keeping it current. It might not last for long, but for the time being here’s a taste of some of the best from the last few years. Enjoy.


The Rare North American Adam Cayton-Holland Bird

If you’re not familiar with Denver comedian Adam Cayton-Holland, wise up. He has been a staple of the Denver comedy scene for the better part of the last decade, and has been killing it as of late. In addition to being runner-up for best local at our own Laugh Track Comedy Festival, he has recently made headlines after being named one of the prestigious Montreal Just For Laughs Festival’s New Faces Of Comedy. If you’re a frequent reader of this site, you will obviously recognize him as 1/3rd of the hilarious comedy group The Grawlix and one of the main characters in our own web series of the same name. I can’t say enough. He’s amazing.

Our collaborations with him are far from over, and we have some big news on the horizon, so stay the f*ck tuned.

In the meantime, watch the above sketch that we just finished with him over and over again on repeat forever. It’s just a subtle nod to his obsession with bird watching.


Episode 10 “Tommy Who?”

In this episode of The Grawlix, Adam and Andy look after Ben’s half-brother while Ben tries to patch things up with Crystal.


Laugh Track 2012

If you haven’t heard from us in a while it’s because we’ve been very busy planning this year’s Laugh Track Comedy Festival, which we couldn’t be more excited about. Expanding on last year, this year we have more events and parties, a new day and a new venue. Check out the full schedule above and see you this Thursday!


I’m from Denver

On Thanksgiving weekend of last year, the two of us along with comedian and Yogi Bear 3D star T. J. Miller, plus a humongous chunk of Denver’s finest stand up comedians and performers, shot in over a dozen iconic Denver locations to produce a music video for T.J.’s song “Denver” from his hilariously weird comedy rap album The Extended Play E.P. We gained access to each location with really no budget whatsoever with a tiny guerrilla crew. This was partially because Denver is an amazing place where everyone wants to support amazing, creative things. It was also mostly because of the amazing talents of our producer, Denver comedy powerhouse Andy Juett. This is the dizzying and fantastical final product. Enjoy, share, and vote “funny”!


Episode 9 “Stalk On”

In this episode of The Grawlix, Adam has attracted the affection of a stalker, leaving Ben and Andy jealous of the attention. Starring hilarious comedians Mo Welch and Jordan Doll as the stalker gardeners.

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