Over The Top?

Check out our latest sketch! Written by and starring the hilarious Chris Charpentier and Haley Driscoll. Over The Tip.


Moving Buddies

Please enjoy this new sketch we shot with the hilarious Matt Ingebretson, Andrew Orvedahl and Andy Juett.


Mile High

Celebrate 4/20 with “Mile High” which we premiered at last month’s SexPot Comedy Show at Denver’s Oriental Theater.  It features comedians Kristin RandChris Charpentier, Andrew Orvedahl, Sean Patton, Jordan Doll, Nathan Lund, Kevin O’Brien, Mara Wiles and more. Huge thanks to everyone that helped and especially SexPot Comedy and Sexy Pizza.


Insufferable Brunch

Please enjoy this new comedy sketch we made with Grawlix pals ACH, Ben Roy, Andrew Orvedahl, plus guests Rory Scovel and Chris Fairbanks, appropriately titled “Insufferable Brunch”. This was a fun one.


Stir It Up

Illegal Pete’s “Stir it Up” 90 second commercial – watch more funny videos

We just got to direct this super fun commercial for our favorite music video and hangout Illegal Pete’s, along with the fine folks at Image Brew and the hilarious comedy group The Grawlix. So much fun! Also enjoy the music of the stir-it-up star Ben Roy’s band SPELLS. You might also notice a small cameo from Total Ghost’s Randy Washington. Super huge thanks to Illegal Pete’s, Greater Than Collective, and everyone else who helped out!


The Outside Man

Enjoy this new sketch we shot, written by comedian Brett Hiker and starring the hilarious Jordan Doll.


Twitter IRL

Real Life Twitter – watch more funny videos

Please enjoy this short video we recently shot with our friends The Grawlix. Super huge thanks to all the uncredited folks who helped.


Villain Auditions

Here’s a fun video that we shot this summer at Denver’s High Plains Comedy Festival wherein we attempt to audition some top comedic talent for the role of “The Worm” in the fictional upcoming web series “Space Cops.” Enjoy!


We’re Going to New Orleans

We can’t believe it! Our team picked up some awards last night at the Denver 48 Hour Film Project’s “Best Of Fest” screening, including the coveted “Best of Denver” award! We also picked up “Best Editing” and our extraordinary lead actress Kristin Rand also took home the first of what will no doubt eventually be a collection of thousands of “Best Actress” awards. It all means we’ll take our film to New Orleans to represent Denver at Filmapalooza in March! Wish us luck! We really could not have done this without Image Brew and the rest of our amazing team. Super huge thank you to Kristin Nolan and the rest of the Denver 48 Hour Film Project staff, and major congrats to all the other filmmakers who participated and won awards. Some of our favorites from last night’s screening are embedded below.

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We’re excited for the release of the new Total Ghost album Electrosexual, dropping at our CD Release Party this Saturday, September 14th at Illegal Pete’s South Broadway in Denver. This album is several months in the works. Enjoy the first single here:

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